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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Reliable Answers to Common Questions.

    How to remove possums?

    Possums seek food sources in urban areas. Ensure you don't leave garbage, pet food, or easily accessible food outside. Eliminate any attractants that might be drawing them to your property. Seal off any entry points that possums might be using to access your home, such as gaps in walls, attics, decks, or crawl spaces. Use materials like mesh wire or steel wool to block these openings and prevent them from coming inside. You can use Natural repellents. If you are unsure about handling possums or if they are causing significant problems, it's best to contact a licensed pest control specialist who can help.

    Why are possum protected in Australia?

    Possum are protected in Australia as they have faced habital loss and declining numbers over the years. The protection of possums under the law ensures their survival and prevents them from being harmed or captured, as doing so can result in significant fines. Additionally, possums play a role in spreading pollen and seeds for many native plants and flowers, contributing to the biodiversity of the ecosystem. They are considered important contributors to the environment, and efforts are made to manage their presence.

    Who to call for possum removal?

    For possum removal, you can contact professional possum removal services that are licensed and experienced in dealing with possums. Attempting to handle possums on your own is illegal in most states and can lead to significant fines, so it's best to seek the expertise of qualified experts to ensure humane and legal removal.

    How much does possum removal cost?

    The cost of possum removal varies depending on various factors such as the type of property, the location, the number of possums to be removed, and the complexity of the removal process. On average, possum removal can cost between $150 and $500.

    Can Possum be relocated?

    If you want to manage possums in your environment, it's best to take preventive measures to deter them from entering your property and find ways to coexist with them as they are a part of the natural and urban environment and serve a role in the ecosystem. If there is an issue with possums in your roof, it is recommended to provide an alternative home for the possum in the form of a nesting box located in your garden. Trapping possums without a license is illegal in some areas, and if you need assistance with possum removal, it's best to hire a licensed professional who can humanely deal with the situation

    Will a possum return?

    Possums are highly territorial, and if one possum is removed from an area, it is likely that another possum may take its place in the vacant territory.

    Will possum leave on its own?

    There is no information about the success or likelihood of possums returning after relocation.

    Will possum eat rat poison?

    Possums are resistant to rat poison and most other toxic substances, except for neurotoxins. They have a peptide in their blood that makes them immune to many poisons. Since rats' bodies do not produce neurotoxins, possums are unharmed when they consume rats that have ingested rat poison.

    Therefore, it is essential to be cautious when using rat poison to control rodent populations, especially in areas where possums are present, to prevent harm to these native Australian marsupials.

    Does Animal Control remove possums?

    Yes, Animal Control services typically handle the removal of possums. They have experience and expertise in trapping and removing possums from residential and commercial properties. Possums can become pests if they burrow into homes, seek food in trash cans, or cause property damage. Animal Control professionals are trained to safely and humanely remove possums and relocate them away from the property to prevent their return

    Who picks up dead possum?

    In Australia, dead possums are removed by professional pest control companies or wildlife removal services. These professionals are trained and experienced in handling dead possums and can safely dispose of the carcasses. They typically inspect the area, locate the dead possum, and use proper safety measures while removing and sanitizing the affected area to prevent the spread of germs and foul odour.

    When do possum leave the roof?

    Possums are generally nocturnal creatures, meaning they are most active during the night. As a result, they typically leave their roosts, including roofs, after dusk to forage for food and engage in their nocturnal activities. They return to their roosts in the early morning hours before daylight. If you suspect possums are living in your roof and want to prevent them from returning, you can take measures to secure your roof and block their access points during the day

    Which plant are possum proof?

    List of plants that are reportedly not tasty to possums some of the possum-proof plants include Acanthus, Agapanthus, Buddleia, Buxus (box), Crinum, Escallonia, Fatsia, Ligustrum (privet), Liriope, Mangave, Myoporum, Phormium (NZ flax), Rosemary, Spiraea, Viburnum tinus, Yucca, and certain seed-grown flowering plants like aquilegia, astilbe, foxglove, echinops (globe thistle), impatiens (busy lizzie), lupin, and sunflower.

    Please note that while these plants are considered less appealing to possums, it is unlikely that any plant can be completely possum-proof. If you are facing possum-related issues in your garden, using physical barriers like tree guards can be an effective way to protect your plants from nibbling wildlife

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