Reliable Answers to Common Questions

Do you use any poisonous substance to remove the possum?

No, we do not use any such substances. All our products are according to the industry standards and environment-friendly to cause least harm to the environment.

What is the Cost for possum removal?

A lot of different factors are to be considered to determine the exact price of availing the service. The estimated cost of the possum removal depends on the area requirements.

Are you certified to remove the possum?

Yes, we hold the certification to practice possum removal and our team members are highly skilled and experienced in catching possum safely without causing any harm to them.

Can a possum be relocated?

According to the Wildlife Protection Act, possum must not be held beyond 50-meter radius from where it was found. However, proper fencing and cover-up will be done in your premises to prevent possum from coming in again.

Can you remove the smell and stains of the possum’s urine?

The most appropriate way of getting rid of the smell is to wash the surface with fresh running water.

How to remove possum from my backyard?

It is advisable to not try this at home if you do not hold any possum removal experience. This might be a little risky. Hence, it is suggested to call for a professional possum removal service that will help you remove possum from your backyard and your entire premises.

Do you remove possum from my roof?

To remove possum from the roof, fencing is the best option. You need to get fencing all around your house to prevent possum from entering your home. Yet, if possums still enter your house, you must call for professional possum removal service providers.

Do you remove dead possum?

Yes, we do remove dead possum with proper care and sanitary precautions. You must not remove a dead possum on your own as it contains a lot of harmful germs and bacteria that might cause deadly diseases.

What if possum enters the house again?

We always give one-year warrantee to all our customers. If, within that time period, possum enters again we would remove it without any charges, free of cost.

Do you provide emergency service for possum removal?

Yes, emergency service for possum removal is provided by Possum Removal Specialist Australia. To avail the service, you can just call us.

What smell is hated by Possums?

There are various home remedies one could try to prevent possums from entering/staying in your homes. Garlic, Ammonia, mothballs, dog or cat fur can be kept around the corners of your house as the smell of these things repels possums to a great extent.

How can you differentiate between rat and possum?

Possums are usually active during the night time owing to them being nocturnal. They can be recognized from their disturbing loud noises, banging on the roof, screeching etc. On the other hand, rats are found to gnaw on wooden material mostly.

What damage is caused by possums on the roof?

Possums might ruin the roof top by urinating that also causes a foul smell that might be disgusting to you and your family causing vomiting or other allergies. They can also get trapped in the wires, pipes on the rooftop and eat them off resulting in losses for you. They might also die on your rooftop and smell profuse.

How can I keep my plants safe from possums?

An electrical device that produces high-pitched sound can be used to repel the possums away from your plants and keep the garden free of possums.

Can possums damage my ceiling and roof?

Possums do result in a lot of damage including a lot of furniture. Over the roof, they might eat electrical wires and pipes and damage the wiring of the house etc. They might also urinate at the same place and cause a foul smell in the surrounding area.

Do you require internal access for the treatment of the possum?

We need proper access to the roof in order to carry out the removal process. If our team finds it easier to get to your roof without internal access, then we won’t intrude in your indoor activities. However, if the entry to the roof or any other place where possums are found happens to be from the internal of the house then we will need internal access to get in.

How possums and rats get access to the top of my roof?

Possums are small creatures that find their way through small holes and openings. Similarly, rats also require extremely small openings to get into your house. Hence, in order to prevent their entry, you must ensure that all the holes and openings are covered up.

What can I do when possums run on the roof at night?

The first step is to find the entry point of the possums and block the entry point so that they can’t enter your house. Further, you can call professionals like Possum Removal Specialist Australia to help you get rid of possums permanently.

Is it illegal to kill possums in Australia?

Possums are protected animals under the act of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NPW Act). Hence, it is illegal to kill possums in Australia. To get rid of them, you can hire professionals who will release them away from your premises safely.

Can possums attack me?

Usually, possums do not attack humans. They are non-aggressive by nature and only bite when they’re defending themselves.