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    Have you discovered possums nearby and are you looking to move them? We provide safe and legally permitted possum removal in Sydney  because we are aware of the struggles you face. Our compassionate care guarantees the animal’s security and returns it to its rightful home.

    Possum Removal Specialist is a well-known company offering possum removal services in Sydney. We can offer excellent solutions because of our commitment and sincere concern for both our customers and animals. Possum removal, release, and management are our areas of expertise. Our Australian possum removal catchers are skilled, knowledgeable, and have a lot of training.

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    Why Removing Possums Is Important?

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    • Protection of your property: Possums can damage your property by decomposing garden plants, chewing on electrical wires, and making nests in roof cavities. Their activities could put you at risk for injury or perhaps expensive repairs.
    • Disturbance : Since possums are nocturnal creatures, they can make noise and cause problems at night. Their raucous vocalizations and activity on walls or rooftops may disturb your sleep and daily routines.
    • Spread of Illnesses: Possums can help stop the spread of zoonotic diseases, which are infectious illnesses that can affect both humans and animals. Removing possums from your garden reduces the chance of disease spreading.
    • Reducing Garden destruction: It is well known that possums destroy gardens and landscapes by nibbling on fruits, vegetables, and plants. Eliminating them can safeguard your plants and stop the depletion of food sources.
    • Keeping Cleanliness: Possums tend to leave urine and droppings in their nesting places, which can cause unpleasant odors and even pose health risks. Possum removal guarantees a better and cleaner environment.
    • Maintaining the Integrity of Your Property: If possums chew on electrical wires, they may damage insulation and provide a fire hazard. This keeps the building’s structural integrity intact. By taking them out, the structural framework of your building is kept intact.
    • Preserving Natural Environment: Although possums are part of Australia’s original fauna, they may face competition from other native creatures for food and shelter. Possum removal from your yard contributes to a healthier environment. From Possum Intrusions to Peaceful Solutions: Everything You Need, All Under One Roof

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    Possum Removal Sydney

    Not anyone can remove possums. For that, you need years of experience, certifications, and a government license. We have it all with proper training and advanced techniques.


    Pre-Purchase Possum Infestation

    Are you buying a property but want to make sure everything is 100% right? We are happy to help with our Pre-purchase possum infestation services. Call us anytime to schedule a treatment.


    Possum Trapping and Relocation

    We locate, trap, catch, and relocate possums as per government guidelines. Our local possum casters and well-trained and experienced to do it efficiently without any harm to you or your property.


    Dead Possum Removal Sydney Service

    Possums have their special defense system. When discovered by humans or other animals, they can appear lifeless, and if you turn around, they might roll over and disappear. People frequently mistakenly believe these animals to be dead, so they might remove them. That is not safe. As a result, we provide prompt dead possum removal in Sydney service. Therefore, give us a call the next time you come across a dead possum nearby rather than trying to handle it yourself.


    Backyard Possum Removal

    Whether you have a garden in your backyard or a storage space, a possum can ruin it all. So, whenever you see a possum around your backyard, call us instantly for a possum Removal in Sydney.


    Under Deck Possum Removal

    Possums can hide anywhere. Their tiny and flexible bodies can make their way into anything like your underdeck. But our possum removal experts can spot, catch, and relocate them without hassle.


    Residential Possum Removal Sydney Services

    In residential situations, possums pose a threat. They could hurt you, your children, or your pet. For this reason, we provide speedy and hassle-free domestic possum removal services. For residential areas, our crew uses secure removal methods and procedures. So call us now and get top-notch residential possum removal Sydney services.


    Commercial Possum Removal Services

    Our experts are equipped to identify and manage possum infestations in business facilities, ensuring a safe and hygienic work environment.

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    Signs to Verify Possum Infestation at Your Place


    Damage to your property that is physical

    When possums get into a house, they damage electrical lines and wood. Examine the ducting and guttering systems you have. Check for damage regularly on electrical appliances and sidings.


    The elimination of pet food

    Possums like the food your pet eats daily. Should your pet’s food be going missing quickly, a possum infestation may be the cause.


    Sounds of scratching

    Because they make so many noises when they scratch, rip, and scuttle, possum infestations are easy to spot.


    Odd animal sounds

    Additionally, possums may hiss and shriek and make lip-smacking noises.


    Disgusting smell

    Feces from possums stink. Their musty odor may help you identify them if they reside in your house. The smell of dead possums is likewise highly disagreeable. You can get in touch with dead possum removal Barton experts in such situations.

    Have Possum Around? Our Emergency Possum Removal Sydney Services Can Help

    Possums are emergencies. These wildlife creatures can harm you, your kid, your pet, and other belongings. Therefore, don’t try to ignore or remove it on your own. Call us now for professional possum removal Sydney services. Hurry up!

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    Types of Possum Species That You Might come across in Sydney

    Brushtail Possum

    The common brushtail possum is the most prevalent in the eastern and northern parts of Australia. The hair on the tails of these cat-sized creatures is either black, silver, or gold. These are the second-largest possum species in Australia. You can find them strolling around on your roofs instead of in gardens.

    Ringtail Possums

    These possums are, after brushtail possums, the most common in Sydney. They consume fruits, leaves, flowers, and herbs as vegetables. That way, the next time someone hastily ruins your garden, you’ll know who to blame. You never know what other places ringtail possums might end up. These comprise the Herbert River’s ringtail possums, as well as the Lemuroid and Rock possums.

    Pygmy Possums

    With grey fur and a tiny size, these are the cutest pests. Even though they look harmless, these cute creatures can ruin your garden by eating fruits, pollen, nectar, and everything else.

    Green-Tail Possum

    As the name suggests, these possums have green fur and they can grow up to 30cm. Even these are garden destroyers as they feed on leaves and anything green.

    Note: it’s fine if you can’t identify the possum in your yard because that’s not your job. It needs years of experience and study to recognise them and we can do that for you with detailed possum inspection.

    Local Possum Cathers in Sydney That You Can Trust

    Legal Rules and Regulations About Possum Removal in Sydney The Possum Protection Wildlife Act 1974 protects these wildlife creatures from harm. That’s why it’s prohibited to catch, kill, or remove possums without a license.

    Here is what the law states:

    • Prohibition of Harm: Without the necessary authorization or permits, it is generally illegal to kill, harm, or injure possums or their habitats.
    • Possum Trapping and Relocation: Only certified wildlife handlers or pest controllers with the necessary licenses may remove and relocate possums that are causing issues on private land, and they must adhere to strict criteria in doing so.
    • Rescue and Rehabilitation: Licensed wildlife caregivers or groups may be able to rescue and rehabilitate injured or orphaned possums. It is against the law for the general public to own possums as pets without the required licenses.
    • Protection of Nesting Sites: During breeding seasons, possums and other wildlife nesting sites are safeguarded by laws.
    • Educational Efforts: The laws frequently support public instruction and awareness campaigns about the need to protect wildlife.

    Compassion in Action: Our Humane Possum Removal Process

    • Inspection : Our professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property to identify potential entryways and assess the extent of the possum infestation.
    • Humane Removal: To allay your worries and guarantee the well-being of the animals, we place a high priority on employing humane possum removal techniques.
    • Repairs and preventions: Following the possum removal, we will seal off all openings and provide advice on how to prevent future possum infestations.
    • Cleaning and Sanitization: To prevent additional possum infestation, we clean and sanitize your surroundings. We also guarantee a suitable security setup.

    Why Choose Us for Possum Removal in Sydney?

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    Possums are no doubt a threat to your health, pets, kids, and belongings. But with us, you don’t have to worry about them! We are government-approved, licensed, and experienced local experts who offer quick and reliable professional possum removal Sydney services. Connect with us today and get a free quote on call. Hurry up, this is an urgent matter.

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