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    Possum Removal Glen Waverley – Possums Out, Peace of Mind In!

    Are possums wreaking havoc on your property, keeping you up at night, and causing headaches? Say goodbye to possum troubles with our Possum Removal Specialist! We are trusted experts for safe possum removal in Glen Waverley, committed to providing ethical and humane solutions for your possum woes.

    Possums are protected animals under the Wildlife Act of 1975. Hence, it is illegal to kill possums in Australia. We at Possum Removal are experts in Possum Removal glen waverley and know exactly how to safely remove possums from your place and release them at the distance away from your premises.

    So, take a back seat, relax, and let us catch, rescue, and relocate these wildlife creatures. Our certified and licensed professionals understand wildlife acts and related laws. We always follow legal procedures and ensure 100% safety of all – humans, possums, plants, and pets.

     Possum Removal glen waverley

    How Do We Safely Remove Possums?

    Removing possums safely requires a humane and responsible approach that complies with wildlife protection laws. Here are the steps we follow to safely remove possums:

    Detect Possum Activity: We recognize possum activity by looking for loud vocalizations, feces, and damaged plants. Before beginning removal, we make sure that possums are the problem.
    Inspection for Babies: We ensure no baby possums are left behind before removal. Because they are marsupials, possums may have offspring in the mother’s pouch or nest nearby.
    Create an Escape Route: Possums are territorial and frequently return to their established homes, so we plan an escape route for them. Our experts ensure possums have a nearby alternate nesting place or an escape route.
    Use Ethical Trapping Methods: We employ humane possum traps designed specifically for capturing possums without causing harm. We strictly avoid using lethal traps or poisons, which are illegal and inhumane.
    Choose the Right Time for Removal: Possums are nocturnal animals, so it is best to perform the removal during the day when they are asleep in their nests.
    Wear Protective Gear: When handling traps or relocating possums, our experts wear gloves and protective clothing to minimize the risk of scratches or bites.
    Capture and Relocation: Once the possum is safely trapped, we relocate it to a suitable habitat away from human dwellings. Our team knows the local regulations and guidelines regarding relocation distances.
    Seal Entry Points: After removal, we inspect your property for any entry points that possums may have used to access your home. Then, we seal these openings to prevent future infestations.
    Prevent Attraction: We help you remove potential food sources that may be attracting possums, such as fallen fruits, pet food, and accessible garbage bins.
    Prevent Attraction: We help you remove potential food sources that may be attracting possums, such as fallen fruits, pet food, and accessible garbage bins.
    We are licensed and certified professionals that can remove and relocate possums. We follow all government rules and connect with your local authorities too. You can also call us for dead possum removal as these wildlife creatures can fake their death for escape.

    Possum Removal Near ME?

    Possum Removal Specialist services a large area of VIC, WA, SA, QLD, NSW. We are based in glen waverley and cover an area around glen waverley of approximately 100 kilometers in all directions. This includes towns such as:

    Tips to Keep Possums at Bay

    Keep your place neat
    Never leave a trace of trash, fruits, pet food, or similar sources for possums.
    Always keep an eye on possum activities. Their midnight noises and garden destruction are enough to suspect their presence.
    Keep your garden groomed and well-trimmed because possums love bushes and similar hiding spots. Plus, they can enter your roof by climbing trees.
    Never leave pet food out at night.
    Enclose compost bins with proper, thick covers
    Pick up fruits and vegetables from your garden. These may attract a lot of possums.

    Why Choose Us for Possum Removal in Glen Waverley?

    Humane Removal Techniques: We prioritize the well-being of possums and employ only humane trapping and removal methods. Our trained experts ensure the safe relocation of possums to suitable habitats.
    Licensed and Insured:Rest assured, our team is fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind knowing that your possum issues are in capable hands. They are the best experts for possum pest control in Glen Waverley.
    Experience That Matters: With years of experience in possum removal, we have encountered a wide range of possum scenarios. There’s no possum problem tricky for our skilled team to handle.
    Compliance with Wildlife Laws: We strictly adhere to wildlife protection laws and regulations, ensuring a responsible approach to possum removal that respects local wildlife conservation efforts.
    Quick Response Time: Don’t let possum issues linger. When you call us, we will promptly respond to your request and solve your possum problems efficiently with top-notch possum pest control in Glen Waverley.
    Prevention Tips: Our experts don’t stop at removal. We offer valuable prevention tips to safeguard your property from future possum intrusions.

    Types Of Possums Found In Glen Waverley

    Common Brushtail Possum: They are named on their furry tail. They are nocturnal pests and hence find their way easily in the night. These are native creatures to Australia. They also feed on rats and are black, silver-grey, brown or gold. Their tail helps them to move from one tree to the other.

    Common Ringtail Possum: Just like brushtail possums, their tails also help them move around from one place to the other. They are grey with cream stomach and white under-eye patches. They weigh somewhere in between 550 grams and 1100 grams. Their length is around 30-35 cm long excluding the tail length.

    Dead Possum Removal Service glen waverley

    Possums are protected under the Wildlife Act and hence, it is illegal to kill these creatures. However, they might die dwelling in your garden or hidden corners of the house and produce a foul smell once dead. They also cause damage to your property by eating wires or pipes etc. over the roof. Hence, it is always recommended to get them evicted from your house professionally.

    If a possum dies in your house, there will be a foul smell for about two months and the carcass would have accumulated flies and other small creatures dwelling over it. The best option, in this case, is to call for professional dead possum removal service providers. Possum Removal consists of an expert team who know how to clean the area where the possum has died and remove the carcass of the animal out of the house.

    After the removal process, our team would sanitize the place and make sure no foul odour is left behind.

    Signs/Indications Of Possum Infestation:

    Damage spotted in your garden is an indication that possums are residing in your garden or your home and feeding on the vegetables and fruits in your garden
    Droppings of possums look exactly like dog faeces and if you spot faeces in your premises, this means possums are residing at your place
    Possums give out screeching sound as they’re nocturnal pests. This is your biggest sign
    They also secrete a foul smell. The foul smell could be an indication of spotting possums in your place
    They usually create marks using their tails or claws. Any such markings could be a sign of their presence
    They can be best searched during the night time. Possum’s eyes always shine and hence that could be an indication for you in the night.
    Any place that is bitten, be it your garden, furniture, wiring above the roof, could be an indication of the presence of possums in your place

    Places Covered By Professionals

    Our possum catcher team doesn’t leave any stone unturned in providing you with the best service possible. We catch possums safely from the hidden corners of your homes and leave them to a place within the authority guidelines, but away from your house. We make sure their entrance to your place is restricted permanently. Our professionals cover most of the places including:

    • Housing complex
    • Restaurants
    • Industrial places
    • Commercial places
    • School
    • Hospitals
    • Churches
    • Government places

    What To Do If You Spot Possums At Your Place?

    The very first thing is to identify their entry point. The entrance that enabled them in your house needs to be covered.
    After finding the entrance, block, cover and repair all the holes, openings, entry points so that they can’t come back the same way.
    Possums leave their odour behind wherever they go. If you come across any such foul odour, do not forget to sanitize and clean that place so that the odour is gone.
    Possums could be easily trapped in the hollow logs of the trees and hanging wooden boxes.
    Keep your house well-lit as possums do not like light. They are nocturnal creatures who prefer dark.
    If you need to carry out any repair work in your house, do it in the day time as the possums are least active during this hour.

    Same Day Possum Removal glen Waverley

    We understand the urgency our clients might have once they spot possums at their homes. It is risky and not safe to stay under the same roof as the possums. They also cause a lot of damage to the property. Hence, to save our clients from all the problems we provide same day possum removal services or emergency services to those in need. This is without any extra charge. Our reasonable cost and effective service are what makes us the best in the city.

    Why Hire Possum Removal In glen Waverley?

    • Fast and Effective service is provided
    • Emergency services accessible to all
    • Extreme care taken of the kids and pets during the possum removal process
    • Modern tools and products are used to perform the removal duties
    • The team at Possum is government recognized and certified to control possums and carry out other pest management tasks
    • Satisfactory Service Guaranteed to all

    Call Us Now and Bid a Farewell to Possums from Your Yard

    Are you still confused about whether to hire us for possum removal in Glen Waverley? Call us now and talk to experts to feel our transparency and genuine concern for your safety and well-being. Then, it will be up to you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you remove dead possums from roofs?

    Yes, we do remove dead possum with proper care and sanitary precautions. You must not remove a dead possum on your own as it contains a lot of harmful germs and bacteria that might cause deadly diseases.

    What can I do when possums run on the roof at night?

    The first step is to find the entry point of the possums and block the entry point so that they can’t enter your house. Further, you can call professionals like Possum Removal glen waverley to help you get rid of possums permanently.

    Can possums damage my ceiling and roof?

    Possums do result in a lot of damage including a lot of furniture. Over the roof, they might eat electrical wires and pipes and damage the wiring of the house etc. They might also urinate at the same place and cause a foul smell in the surrounding area.

    Is it illegal to kill possums in Australia?

    Possums are protected animals under the act of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NPW Act). Hence, it is illegal to kill possums in Australia. To get rid of them, you can hire professionals who will release them away from your premises safely.

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