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Possum removal in a smooth and humane way is now possible by hiring Possum Removal Specialist.

Safe Possum Removal & Reloaction in Melbourne

Is your peaceful sleep at night suddenly gone due to the thumping and pounding sounds in your property? Such sounds do not suggest anything paranormal but those maybe due to the presence of possums in your property. Do not ignore! If you are in Melbourne and need to have possums safely and smoothly removed and relocated Reach out to Possum Removal Specialist for professional assistance and intervention. We have some of the top possum removal professionals in Melbourne working who will provide you with effective and reliable services.Possum removal and relocation should always be carried out by trained professionals who understand the laws and regulations surrounding these animals.

Possum Removal Melbourne

At possum removal specialist,first step is to locate a licensed possum removal expert in your area. We will assess your situation and provide you with a plan for safely removing the possums from your property. When removing possums, it's important to keep in mind that possums are protected by law in Australia. According to Wildlife Act 1975 it is illegal to harm or kill possums without the proper permits and licenses. Our possum removal specialist expert will provide you with the necessary permits and ensure that the removal and relocation process is carried out in compliance with local regulations. Possums are nocturnal animals, so removal and relocation typically take place at night when they are most active.We use humane trapping methods to capture the possums and then relocate them to a suitable habitat away from your property. Once the possums have been safely relocated,we will provide you with advice on how to prevent future possum infestations. This may include sealing up entry points and removing sources of food and water.You can rely on us anytime for a smooth, effective and lasting job. We function 24*7 and can be available at any time of the week or day.

What are the hideouts used by possums?

Possums are pests that are native to Australia. These are some points in properties used by possums to hide:

  • Roof cavities
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Trees
  • Garden shed

Possum Removal Experts Since 2003

Possum Removal Specialist is a reliable name in the possum removal sector of Melbourne since 2003. We have helped numerous families and residents of Melbourne experiencing possum troubles to get a property free of such and many more pests. Our professional possum catcher in Melbourne teams are well-versed with identification of different possum species and their typical hideouts in a property.

We regularly work with possum experts and researchers to make sure our services do not harm possums or the environment. Connect with us for instant, smooth and effective solutions and professional Possum removal expert support from our side.

Possum Removal Melbourne

Reliable & Smooth Possum Removal Services in Melbourne

Same Day Possum Removal

Possums are destructive pests that can cause too much damage around the property if left undetected. Contact the possum removal professionals immediately after you have seen any signs of possums in your property. Likewise, you also should contact us if you have discovered any damage around the property that could possibly be a result of a possum infestation.

You can hire the Possum Removal Specialist team to relocate any type of possum. Our team will reach your property within an hour to provide the necessary support.

possum removal specialist
possum removal specialist

Emergency Possum Removal

Having pests is just like an emergency situation. Discovering possums or their signs in your property also warrants emergency possum services for their removal from the property. We have a team that especially caters to emergency cases. Reach out to Possum Removal Specialist today for emergency possum removal and elimination services.

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Dead Possum Removal Services

Dead possums on any property spell a lot of hygiene and health issues. Their carcasses attract more germs, contaminants and pathogens to the property that can spread diseases among the occupants of the house. Prevent the spread of deadly diseases and also the degradation of the indoor environment by simply calling for our services.

Our dead possum removal services are available 24*7. They are executed by the top possum removal professionals in Melbourne.


Melbourne possum removal process

  • Inspect the property- We deliver excellent possum removal services all across Melbourne. Our team of professional possum catchers visits your property and then inspects the entire property to find the signs of possums and the scale of damage caused due to them. Possible spots of hideouts are also identified and checked.
  • Catch and Remove the possums– After the first step, the possums are caught and removed in a humane manner following every safety precaution and measure. No harm is caused to the possums. All our possum removal experts are certified for the job and experienced with the same. The teams can access narrowest corners of the property which are used by possums for hiding and living safely away from human activity.
  • Relocate the possums– Once the possums are caught and removed they are relocated to a different location. Our teams take a lot of care to relocate them safely to another place without harming them. The possum removal is done in adherence with various acts under Australian law.
  • Preventative measures– All the possible entry points used by the possums to enter your property are sealed off. Proper fencing is created around your property so as to prevent possums from entering again. The team also repairs any damage caused by the possums around the property.

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Types of Possums in Melbourne

 Possums in Melbourne
  • Ring tail possum– Ring tail possums are red-brown and grey-brown in colour. They have short and curved ears. They are arboreal species that prefer living in trees and coming out at night.
  • Stripped possum– These varieties of possums can be identified with their black body with white stripes covering portions from head to tail.
  • Green tail possum– These possum species live inside trees and have an olive green fur. It is a nocturnal and herbivorous pest.
  • Brush tail possum– These possums are grey-brown and silver-grey in colour. They have a prehensile tail that is also thick and black in colour. These species are usually omnivores in nature.
  • Feathertail possum– This species is related to the pygmy possum family. They have a flat and stiff tail which helps them to navigate while gliding across trees.

Costs of Possum Removal Melbourne

Possum removal should only be carried out by licensed, trained and certified experts for the best results. The costs of possum removal services are defined based on different factors:

  • Necessary reparative measures- The costs of possum removal and repairs will be less if there is less or no damage caused by possums. Possums cause a lot of damage to wiring, roofs, ceilings, pipes and more around the property all of which require repair. That adds to the final costs one will end up paying for the service.
  • Entry points– The presence of multiple entry points in the property made by possums which will add to the costing of the entire service. Likewise, all such points need to be sealed using the appropriate machinery, materials and technique and expertise.
  • Location of possum hideouts– The locations of the possum in properties also determine the costs one need to bear for the possum removal. The narrower the location of the possum hideouts, the higher the labour and efforts that would be necessary for the same. That would end up adding to the final bill.

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us
  • We deliver excellent and efficient possum removal services all across Melbourne on a 24*7 basis.
  • Our possum removal services are made available at economical and affordable prices.
  • We make sure that no possums return to your property.
  • Our teams ensure providing efficient and instant services to clients requiring assistance for possum removal.
  • We have trained possum catchers who are top possum removal professionals in Melbourne.
  • Our clients receive 100% customer satisfaction and respite from possums on their property.
  • Our services are available to the rural, urban and suburban clients. Likewise, we also service schools, hospitals, residences, government utilities, industrial premises and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are your possum catchers certified for the job?

Yes. Each of the possum catchers working for us has authentic and valid certification for the job. They are trained to catch possums and relocate them in a humane manner following the given norms.

Q2. How to remove possums from challenging areas in the property?

Possums trapped in challenging areas in the property should be removed by hiring Possum Removal Services in Melbourne as it is illegal to remove or relocate possums without possessing any authentic certification.

Q3. How do possums damage roofs and ceilings?

They gnaw at electrical wiring and also damage it with their urine. Additionally, possums can even damage plasterboards, weather stripping, ceiling cavities and more. A possum infestation can affect the eaves, soffits and drainage systems as well.

Q4. Will the possum family return to my property?

After removing the possums from your property, we will place proper fencing so that they cannot return. Furthermore, we also seal entry points and holes that were previously used by the possums which will make it impossible for them to re-enter your property.

Q5. Is it possible to kill the possum?

No. Doing so is illegal as well as against the law as possums are a protected species.